The "gezelligste" student ice skating association of Rotterdam

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The "gezelligste" Student Ice Skating Association

Founded in November 2013, E.S.S.V. Alcedo the youngest student skating club in the Netherlands. The desire for a student skating club was always there, only the ice rink was missing in Rotterdam. Thanks to the successful city initiative, Rotterdam students can now also skate in their city.


E.S.S.V. Alcedo wants to bring the sport of skating back to the Rotterdam HBO and University students!



Skating rink Rotterdam is taking shape YES YES YES! It’s really starting to take shape now! Can you already imagine a nice …

Article in Erasmus Magazine

Article in Erasmus Magazine Super nice article about us in Erasmus Magazine  

Ice Skating Rink Rotterdam

Ice Skating Rink Rotterdam! It is a fact! Rotterdam gets its first ice skating rink. Every year in the months of December …


Update Thank you all for filling in the surveys, we were very excited about the results. We would like to see more …

Fun ice skating in Rotterdam In case you are interested in becoming a member or you want to join our practices once …

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Board 2022-2023

f.l.t.r.: Yasmin, Zao, Kaj, Mark

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Besides skating, we also practice other sports: cycling, inline skating and drying training

In addition to sports, Alcedo is also a social club. For example, various activities are organized

Skating, dry training, cycling, inline skating, activities… fortunately we have a calendar in which everything is planned